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The Pandemic Clinic book Is precisely what the title says. It is a clinic on how to overcome the pandemic of the coronavirus. This book will empower you with tips,  principles, and strategies that will dispel fear and build your faith. The book is must read for this season. Yours for a donation of any amount.



Overcoming Bondage eBook

Bullying owns the school hallways and negatively affects our youth. Addiction is rampant. Suicide is frequent. We are not free.
Many are bound by sin and snared by strongholds. We must find the freedom that comes from knowing Christ.
Overcoming Bondage is a book focused on assisting you on your journey toward freedom.

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6 ways that believers partner with God to walk in the miraculous.

A great bargain! Get 5 books for just 34.99!
Pandemic Clinic is an eBook, all other books are hard copies that will be mailed to you.


This book will inspire you to think better, live better and BE better.

For a limited time, get all 3 of pastor Tom’s books for just $25!

Video Resources

This video series will equip you to control your thoughts and renew your mind.
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This video series will equip you to live above the natural laws and show you how to walk in faith.
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This video series deals with offense, shame, lust, greed, temptation, and compromise.
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In this video series Pastor Tom deals with several topics that are considered unpopular in these times.
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This series is a top 10 from Pastor Tom. The information is life-changing. Pastor Tom has a unique understanding how the Spirit, soul and body serve God.
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