The ‘Now What’ booklet is designed to be a modern
day track to lead people to Christ.


Many churches have chosen the Now What book as a unique booklet to give to new converts.

Some churches have used the ‘Now What’ book to disciple new believers.

Here is how to order. 

Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page, select the quantity desired, add it to your cart, and after placing your order you will be sent to a page where you can submit your customizations.

For reduced prices on larger quantities, please email us.

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‘Now What’ includes:
  • Next steps after becoming a Christian
  • Salvation in simple terms
  • The importance of worship
  • Why the scripture is vital
  • Why baptism is more than getting dunked in water
  • The importance of the Holy Spirit

For reduced prices on large quantities please send an email to

The Now What book is a perfect tool for churches, mission organizations, Christian businesses, and non-profits.

The Now What book is ideal for:

  • gift bags
  • first-time guests
  • new converts
  • teaching new believers

NOW Available in Spanish!

Order your Spanish version here on Amazon. The prices below do not reflect the prices for the Spanish version.

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I wrote Now What for the person who does not know Christ.  The book is uniquely designed to lead the reader to Christ and the Holy Spirit without another person present.
God is using the Now What book as a modern-day tract to lead people to Christ.
Thomas McDaniels


“Now What”

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