Grit to Grandeur



In this book you will discover key moments from the life of David that will help you in your faith walk.

This book takes each perspective of David’s good choices and David’s bad choices and pulls forth the lessons from them all. This book is a plethora of wisdom nuggets from topics on marriage and family to leadership, ministry, and business—a read twice worthy of your time!”

Charli Cararway, Ed.D. - Executive Director, Active-Faith Ministries


I encourage you to read the book you hold in your hands or have accessed through your device with a sense of anticipation and hopefulness that your current grit is really the opportunity and substance for you to discover God’s grandeur, His grander purposes, and plans for your life. Read with a mindset not just to be entertained and enlightened but to be engaged and changed. You will not only be reading the words of one who has been trans-formed but the words of God, which has the power to transform your thinking and behavior so that the grit in your life doesn’t grind you down, but is used to grow you up.

Dr. Gregg Zackary - Pastor of Marriage & Family Mobberly Baptist Church


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