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About Thomas McDaniels

Hi there, I'm Thomas E. McDaniels. I'm a current quote junkie that loves to write and really loves to teach. I'm also the guy behind

I write to leaders, the church, and to the Christian.

The driving force behind my writing and teaching is to help you solve problems. I want to add value, unlock destiny, give hope, and help you to grow in your spiritual walk with Jesus.

My writings, teachings, and classes are laser-focused on your spiritual development as a church leader, person, and believer.

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Keynote Speaker

Thomas E. McDaniels draws from 30 years of public speaking and full-time ministry. He is a stand-out public speaker, writer, author, and podcast host. Thomas is a dynamic teacher who enlivens God’s Word with keen insight. He loves to tackle cultural topics and bring relevant application to the church and the believer.
He has preached on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and been a guest on Daystar Television. Thomas is the husband of Charlotte McDaniels, his wife of 36 plus years. Together they raised 3 boys and enjoy 5 awesome grandchildren. Thomas and his family live in East Texas.

ReCharging Evangelist Apostles Pastors Teachers

The focus of the REAPP network is to equip and empower leaders, unite churches and collaborate resources for team Kingdom building.


Thomas has authored several books that help believers to overcome and experience the power of God in practical ways that create positive change in their every day life.


“Now What?” Is now Available in English and Spanish.

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