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Spiritual Awakening Can Be Yours

God does not think like us. His ways are higher. We define the word “higher” as lofty, higher up, or soaring. God wants to give us thoughts that cause us to live higher, to soar and to “live up” to the purpose He has for our life. “For my thoughts are not your...

How Serving Turns to Greatness

We never know what can happen on any given day. This day blew us away.

Our family began a 550-mile road trip to spend time with my dad. He was experiencing major surgery for colon and liver cancer. In driving the state of Missouri, we discovered a prominent restaurant and stopped for lunch.

A Muse About God

God will always have a remnant! There is a world more real than this world. There has to be more than what our eyes can see. Humanity is not an osmosis. Truth can never be validated and confirmed through our human mind or this temporary world. God does exist. Writing...

My best work at

My Best Work at Generosity won’t make you wealthy, but here is why it’s important. #MeToo Era, and the Reason Why Women Should be Free to Preach. Why Growth is Better than Staying the Same. Not...

Feelings, Identity and the Scripture

I realized…. I could never live the scriptures without knowing them. I also learned that God’s word was the highest truth! A false identity can never bring me freedom! I should never allow my feelings to define who I was. My feelings followed my thoughts and what I...

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