How to Stop the EXvangelical Bleeding

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Every week in America we read where high profile people are leaving the faith. Some call themselves, EXvangelicals.

This new term has become very common.

There is a growing trend of prominent Christian leaders and artists forsaking historic, Christian doctrines and morals — denying the God they used to proclaim. Many are even adopting the designation “EXvangelicals” to describe themselves.

A very popular medium writer, Shannon Ashley told her story of why she left the faith.

There are many like Shannon who were hurt by misguided religious leaders and organizations.

Shannon’s story caught the attention of many. — READ MORE

Dissatisfied Church Members are Tired of Typical Church

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Photo by Karl Fredrickson on Unsplash

The church as we know it has had its day.

God has been in a box for thousands of years.

The box is the church.

This new decade is ushering in new challenges. One new challenge for the church in America is how to stop the bleeding.

We have closed out two decades of the contemporary church. Not much has changed.

We shifted from paneling to drywall, pews to chairs, scriptures to stories, and well-lit sanctuaries to darker rooms

This worked for a while. But it ran its course. — READ MORE

The Devastating Effect of Partisan Politics on the Church in America.

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Do you remember when President Barack Obama informed the world that America was no longer a Christian nation?

Our nation was never 100% Christian, although America was founded on Christian values.

Christianity is not as popular as it once was. Our nation once bragged that certain cities were Christian cities. Cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma. One saying about Tulsa was; that it was not cool to live there unless you were a Christian.

We are far from that now. — READ MORE


The White House and 5 Other Things Money Can’t Buy.

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Mike Bloomberg recently dropped out of the Presidential race. Mr. Bloomberg used his wealth to advertise his way to the Democratic Nomination for President.

Mike discovered there are some things money can’t buy.

Mr. Bloomberg is a billionaire. I applaud that. But, even money has limitations.

Mike Bloomberg’s landslide of campaign cash didn’t lead to a landslide of votes — but boy did he spend big. The New York billionaire laid out roughly $550 million in just over three months of campaigning, all to get a paltry 44 delegates — barely a tenth of what Democratic primary front-runner Joe Biden got. That record total equals roughly $4.8 million per delegate. If he spent at that rate for all the 1,991 delegates needed to secure the Democratic nomination, it would have cost him $9.5 billion to face President Trump.

Bloomberg spent a mind-boggling $5.4 million a day. — READ MORE

Pandemic Describes How Corona-Virus Spreads Not it’s Severity

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The world feels shaky. Corona-virus is the culprit.

The New York Times called the virus a worldwide paranoia is out of control. And the virus is not a stand-alone problem.

The virus has affected world travel, the stock market, and the world economy.

The broader picture reveals some deeper struggles.

There is an undercurrent

Fear. Many are afraid. What we don’t understand we often fear. — READ MORE

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