Today, we welcome Pastor Mark Driscoll to our blog. Pastor Mark has graciously agreed to allow us to share his post.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 – All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

Do you remember the Fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, as we’ve seen throughout our study, families were the first to be afflicted by the Fall whether it’s marriage, raising your young kids, parental favoritism, or even strained relationships with adult children. We live in this pain every single day, as we see the effects of the Fall play out in our own lives and families, but most people, don’t understand the problem behind the pain.

We seek answers internally, through our passions, emotions, and meditations, as well as externally, through counselors, politicians, or philosophers but the majority of people are missing the true source of hope and comfort.

A recent Gallup poll studied the percent of Americans who believe the Bible is the Word of God throughout decades and the staggering and somber statistics were as follows:

  • 1980 – 40%
  • 1984 – 40%
  • 2017 – 24%
  • 2022 – 20%


Another Gallup poll broke things down further for 2022 between three categories – those who believe the Bible is perfect, imperfect, and a myth as follows:

  • Perfect: Literal Word of God – 25%
  • Imperfect: Inspired Word of God, not literal – 58%
  • Myth: Ancient book of fables – 16%

Every day, we hear of more deaths, higher gas prices, broken family relationships, and failing marriages. Everyone knows that this world is broken and there’s a problem. I would ask: Why not try the Bible as a solution? I did at the age of 19 in my college dorm room at a state university and my life has never been the same. It doesn’t mean my life has been without problems and perils, but it does mean that the same God who was faithful throughout the entire book of Genesis 4000 years ago until now has been with me every step of the way. If you’re looking to worldly solutions for eternal problems.

I would encourage you to do the same.

With Pastor Mark, it’s all about Jesus! He is a spiritual leader, prolific author, and compelling speaker, but at his core, he is a family man. Mark and his wife Grace have been married and doing vocational ministry together since 1993 and, along with their five kids, planted Trinity Church in Scottsdale, Arizona as a family ministry. Pastor Mark, Grace, and their oldest daughter, Ashley, also started Real Faith Ministries, which contains a mountain of Bible teaching for men, women, couples, parents, pastors, leaders, Spanish speakers, and more ( or the Real Faith app).

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