The Reality of What Really Makes a Hero

The story of David and Goliath is a classic.

David and Goliath is the perfect narrative of good versus evil. It never gets old. It is the front-load of many of the greatest films of the century.

It is the classic story for uncovering a not so obvious hero.

Not every hero is amazing, and amazing heroes rarely look amazing.

David is a young Hebrew shepherd boy. David is a teenager who serves God and dares to dive into a hand to hand combat with a warrior named Goliath.

Goliath is a trained soldier. He stands 9’ 9″ tall. That is 2 1/2’ taller than Shaquille O’Neal. Shaquille was the once-famous center for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The teenager, David, was less than 5’ in stature. Despite his size and lack of experience, David lacks no courage in his willingness to do hand to hand battle with Goliath, the Philistine.

Where did this young boy find such courage and confidence?

Notice the game-changer. The Spirit of the Lord came upon David. David has an advantage, the God advantage. David is no stranger to God helping Him in battle.

Although young, David had faced ferocious enemies. Many of them were bigger and badder than him. David was fearless. He had seen God empower Him and deliver him from the hands of his enemies and even dangerous animals.

If God is for you, who can be against you?

The truth is Goliath never had a chance. And your giants don’t have a chance either. Our challenges look overwhelming at times. Our enemies have more experience and more ability.

Fear, sickness, disease, poverty, and loneliness, and suicide are all gigantic.

But God has a plan.

All the odds were against David. Including the weapons he chose. David used unconventional weapons. The first weapon that David chose was a name.

Then, a slingshot and a stone. Like David, you’re underrated, but it never means you cannot win. Especially if God is on your side. And He is.

David knocks the giant down with a stone from his slingshot. Then David took the sword from the hand of Goliath and killed him with his own sword.


Impossible. It certainly looked impossible.

And in the natural realm it was.

Many of us are facing devastating circumstances. Negative thoughts with giant fears fill our minds and unravel our emotions.

We must know, nothing is ever as bad as it seems. Nothing!

God is using your difficulties as a training ground to unlock your faith.

Use your faith.

Faith moves mountains.

The shall live by faith. How? By faith. David did not possess the knowledge, talent, or ability to defeat Goliath.

David killed Goliath with faith and skill. God uses both.

There is more to the story.

Then it happened. What? A defining moment. David’s life changes forever.

God has defining moments scheduled for you.

David kills Goliath and becomes the poster child for Israel. He is now a national hero at 13 years old. David is now renown in Israel and considered immortal.

His life will never be the same. The victory over Goliath thrust David into the limelight and a life that he had never imagined.

David was famous. A celebrity. So how did David handle fame?

David becomes King of Israel

13 years later, David becomes the King of Israel. After David killed Goliath, his fame was short-lived. The king of Israel was Saul. Saul became insanely jealous of David and his popularity.

David becomes an enemy of the crown and wanders in the wilderness. God used the wilderness struggle to prepare David for becoming the King of Israel.

Has God ever used the difficulties of your life as a stepping stone to your next level of greatness?

Throughout the struggle in the wilderness, David was always a man after the heart of God.

Even though He had sinned and failed God. Does that remind us of ourselves?

David’s greatest trait was that he was a God-seeker.

David seeks God’s direction.

David made room for God to examine his heart a top priority.

David postures himself for God to try his actions and search his heart.

Let’s take that as full disclosure.

David’s heart resembles the heart of another bible character named; Paul.

Paul said:

One man desires to be known by God. The other wants God to know him.

Let’s resemble both.

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