All these are in the top ten of the worst things than can happen.

Both Christians and non-Christians are on the radar. The virus is not particular about its victims. It includes all races and religions.

Suffering is real

God never promised a life without suffering. No one ever promised us a rose garden. Even those close to Jesus experienced severe suffering.

Suffering is a teacher

Paul revealed that his suffering led him to understand God on a higher level. It is in the valley that we find the joy of the mountaintop.

Paul discovers he cannot count on his human ways to perform God’s work.

Paul sees his physical suffering as spiritual renewal —

Paul finds purpose

Paul realized he was to live for Christ and not for himself. This is the call to every believer. We are crucified with Christ.

Don’t hide your struggle

Paul said; “I am not ashamed.”

Many of us hide our struggles because we are afraid of man’s judgment.

In his suffering, Paul became convinced of God’s goodness. Paul turned his suffering into understanding.

He was not ashamed to suffer for God.

As believers, we must find God’s outcomes in the center of our struggle.

The coronavirus is a real struggle and thousands are suffering.

Endure the suffering

Through our suffering, we can land in a good place. The place where we understand that God is trustworthy.

When we realize the purpose of our suffering, we can endure the challenge of the moment.

Fear not.

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