In this podcast, we host Texas State Representative, Jay Dean.

Jay has served as a mayor for many years and now serves the State of Texas in Gregg County.

In this podcast, Jay shares post-Covid strategies and the hot topics of 2021.

We talk guns, abortion, immigration, church, and vaccinations.

Get ready. This one may ruffle some feathers.


Jay Dean learned strong conservative values growing up and never stopped living them. As a church altar boy with two paper routes and a lawn mowing business,

Jay learned to love God, work hard, and save what you earn. When he grew up, those values led him to start multiple successful businesses here in East Texas.

Jay proudly serves Texas House District 7, encompassing Gregg and Upshur Counties. As our State Representative, Jay has made East Texas proud as a staunch supporter of our rural values and conservative priorities.

  • Balanced the State Budget
  • Cut $5 billion in Property Taxes
  • Supporter of Public Education and School Safety
  • Banned Sanctuary Cities
  • Upheld 2nd Amendment
  • Banned partial birth-abortion
  • Protected Religious Freedom
  • Voted to outlaw State Income Tax

Jay shares the values of East Texas and will continue to get results for conservatives in our state and the next generation. Jay and his wife, Pokie, live in Longview where they raised their three daughters and helped found their church,

Quotes from Jay Dean

“The Texas Congress and Senate is nothing like Washington DC.”

“Voter fraud occurs in most counties in America. Every vote should count, and voter fraud is a thief.”

“The new Texas Abortion law will stand the text of time and the Supreme Court.”

Re: Abortion – “God sends human life to us and God knows every child’s circumstance.”

“We have a responsibility to protect the unborn.”

“My gift from God is the gift to serve others.”

Connect with Jay Dean


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