Pastors and church leaders are currently making a critical mistake.

This mistake is limiting their ability to fulfill their mission and vision in the next year.  And what’s worse is many pastors do not even know they are making it.

The lesson – Always Aim High

When you strive for perfection and come up short, excellence is what you will get.

The #1 critical mistake pastors and church leaders are currently making is their vision is only one to two months out.

They are simply trying to reopen.  I am sympathetic to pastors as they have never experienced anything like this before.  They have never experienced a global pandemic, then this level of racial unrest, then the delicate communication of it to their congregations, and then the reopening of churches.  This is mentally and emotionally exhausting.  They have my utmost respect and sympathy.

That being said, many pastors and church leaders do not have a post-COVID vision.

Like Sarah Blakely, it is time to aim high again.  It is once again time to begin leading at a 30,000-foot level.

Delegate reopening to your staff or key volunteers.  Begin casting vision again for a post-COVID ministry environment.

Post-COVID ministry is going to require a leadership and resource strategy unlike anything before.  

It is going to require courageous and visionary leadership.  Pastors and church leaders need to aim high and lead at that level.  And it will also need to be well-funded.

It is time for leaders to aim high in terms of evangelism and discipleship.  If you come up short in your plans, that’s OK.  Remember, if you aim high you will achieve excellence and hit the target right in the chest.  If you aim for the chest (just surviving, figuring it as you go, staying safe, and just doing a good job), you will hit the target in the knees and ankles.  Aiming high gives you success.  Aiming in the middle results in the proverbial fall into the ministry canyon.  Your ministry cannot afford this.  Your church’s mission and vision are too important.

Pastors and church leaders, it’s time for a post-COVID vision and a BIG, GRAND vision at that.  It’s time to aim high again!

This post is a guest post from my friend and leadership experit Brian K Dodd.

From Brian:

My daytime job is as Director of New Ministry Relationships for Injoy Stewardship Solutions where we help churches fully-fund their mission and vision.  During the last 15+ years, I have spent each day having one-on-one conversations with many of the greatest church leaders in America. I also have over 30 years of church volunteer and staff experience. I hope you find my observational thoughts on leadership unique and enjoyable.

This was first posted at Brian K Dodd website.

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