God has an unusual sense of humor.

God uses little things to accomplish big results.  A little boy’s lunch fed thousands of people. A little rock from the brook killed a big giant.

I want to share the story of how God led me to write the Now What book – a little book with a big purpose. My intention is to inspire you to see the ways He is working in your story.

Sometimes God asks unusual questions. Did you know He always knows the answers? God will ask us what we might call a “leading question” to reveal things we have overlooked or do not know.

Leading questions lead us to curiosity, and curiosity leads us to what God is doing. The answers are never simple, but the outcomes are profound.

In this unusual way, God desires that we learn more about Him and ourselves. His goal is to teach us His ways. God is passionate about us knowing Him. He could choose to do everything in a hurry, but that is not His way. God is a patient shepherd. You’ve got to love that. He does not push us; He leads us.

I was searching for a book to give our church’s first-time guests and new Christians. The one we had previously used was out of print. I jumped on Google, my go-to search engine. But that day’s search brought me nothing. I searched Amazon, Books-A-Million, Thrifty Books, Morningstar Ministries, and other publishers. My search was futile. No book-matched our church’s need.


The following day, I heard the Lord say, “Why don’t you write the book you need?”


now-what-perfectThat thought resonated with me, so I went to work. I never prayed about it. I was acclimated and aware of my topic and my purpose, and I felt the Holy Spirit leading me. I wrote the first draft of Now What in less than two hours. I felt nothing special while writing it. The book was simple and powerful.

As my wife and I worked on the manuscript she was convinced that we add a section on the Holy Spirit.  Now, we were on to something. While writing the Holy Spirit section I realized God was inspiring me. I daydreamed of someone picking up Now What and repeating the prayer of salvation.

I further dreamed of someone voraciously reading about Christ, the importance of baptism, the Word of God, and serving in the local church. I also imagined the moment a reader would discover the Holy Spirit while reading the Now What book. I also considered the possibility that the reader may never have been introduced to the Holy Spirit. This is the difference in Now What from other discipleship books.

The next piece to the puzzle came when the Lord said, “Illustrate the book.” What does that mean? I thought. So, I asked someone. “It means adding digital pictures to the copy,” they told me. I never intended for this project to be a big deal. God obviously had a different idea. Our next step was to find and choose the pictures. We prayerfully labored over the selections; choosing the right pictures was a top priority to our team and me.


Dealing With Delays


Have you found God’s delays are also His normal? I sure have. I am much like Benaiah, my 4-year-old grandson, “Papaw, about patience, I don’t need any.” But I have learned that as we wait, God strengthens us. Waiting is the hack to weariness. It gives God the time He needs to download the crucial pieces to the puzzle.

A whole year went by before we went to print with Now What. Was it worth it? Well, God never said it would be easy. Is anything important ever easy? Rarely. But the reward of obedience is always worth the cost of waiting and doing God’s will always comes at a cost.

The Now What book will stand the test of time. Why? Because it is biblically-centered and scripturally sound. The Word of God shall stand forever (see Isa. 40:8; 1 Pet. 1:25).


Now What is God’s book with God’s signature on every page.

The Now What book was recently featured on the Charisma Podcast Network in 2021. Here is the link on the Charisma Podcast Network and on Apple Podcasts.

There are hundreds of books on salvation, baptism, reading the Scriptures and more. But you will search hard to find a book focused on salvation and the importance of knowing the Holy Spirit.

The Now What book is well written, illustrated, and customizable.



You can also customize Now What for:

  • Mission groups.
  • Street evangelism groups.
  • Christian nonprofits.
  • Christian businesses.
  • Discipleship groups.
  • Church classes and training.

Can you see how God is using this book? Now What has sold more copies than all my previous books combined. I have learned that trusting God is more important than understanding Him.

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