The morning is essential; it is a gift that lays the foundation for the day


The older I get, the more I protect my morning routine. The importance of a great morning routine is often underrated.

In her book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, Laura Vanderkam writes,

“Seizing your mornings is the equivalent of that sound financial advice to pay yourself first. If you wait until the end of the month to save what you have left, there will be nothing left over. Likewise, if you wait until the end of the day to do meaningful but not urgent things like exercise, pray, read, ponder how to advance your career or grow your organization, or truly give your family your best, it probably won’t happen.”

How you choose to spend your mornings can predict the kind of day you experience. My practice of morning prayer is non-negotiable.

I have learned to protect and savor the first hour of my morning — first things first. The first person I address is God, the Holy Spirit. Connecting with God first is big for me. After my God connection, my routine shifts to personal health matters like brushing my teeth and a stop by the coffee pot. Prayer and coffee do a body good.

After those things, the next 45–60 minutes of my routine is solely focused on connecting deeper with God. My spiritual routine is not the same every day. There are days I begin by reading the scriptures. On other days, I start my morning with worship music, and I sit in God’s presence and worship Him.


My worship includes adoration, thanksgiving, singing along or silence, and solitude


My most profound inspiration comes from meditating on specific attributes about God that arise from my worship music or the scriptures. I love to meditate on one of God’s character traits and take that deep into my heart and mind. I love to take that one attribute and turn it into worship and adoration.

This kind of meditation enhances my personal connection to God and broadens my prayer life.

Again, my deepest desire is to connect to God by the Holy Spirit. The last part of my spiritual time includes praying for others — family, friends, church members, world issues, and Spirit-led endeavors. I also thank God for the prayers that He has answered for our life, family, and others.

Prayer is my primary source of intuition and planning. During prayer, my shortcomings are revealed, and forgotten things surface. Prayer births many of my best ideas and reminds me of what I previously overlooked.

So the entirety of my spiritual routine is about 1 hour and two cups of delicious coffee. My rhythm of prayer is the sole strength of my life, and where I calm my soul and find emotional equilibrium for the entire day.


The night before


It may seem odd to consider the night before a part of your current day, but God syncs them together — your next day begins the night before the next sunrise.

God called the light day, and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the morning were the first day. (Genesis 1:5, NKJV)

Even if you don’t subscribe to the truth of Genesis 1:5, your day starts while you are sleeping. The key to a great day is having a great night’s sleep. You will struggle to have a great day if you are fatigued or worn out.

Allow me to share some additional tips:

  • Plan 8 hours of sleep or your max sleep for the best performance
  • Review your next day schedule before retiring your phone
  • Charge your phone overnight away from your sleep zone
  • Eyes open — connect to God.
  • Personal body needs (bathroom, brush teeth, etc.).
  • Grab a great cup of coffee (Nespresso) and a water
  • Prayer and scriptures (phone-free)
  • Healthy breakfast or hot shower or vice—versa
  • Review your daily schedule before leaving the house. Reviewing your day schedule before leaving prepares you to meditate on how you will handle your teammates and workday. And keeps you off the phone while driving (free tip).
  • Practice gratitude every day

What I do isn’t for everyone, so figure out what works best for you.

Maybe you are not a morning person. But if you are a morning person, there is nothing that outperforms a great morning routine.

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