The life changing power of saying “Yes” to Jesus.

Every fisherman can relate.

Let’s dive in.

The fishing business

Simon and Andrew are real people in the throes of real life. They are businessmen. Hardworking men with a fishing business.

This is not glamorous.

Simon and Andrew get it.

Insert Jesus

A stranger arrives. His name is Jesus. And the stranger offers an even stranger invitation. The invitation is to follow Him. Sound a little cultist?

At once they left their nets and followed him.

Wow! What have we just witnessed?

Maybe they were ready to change from just a job to something more.

The outcome is profound.

Jesus unlocks their hearts

We know that something deep was happening inside their hearts. Simon and Andrew were searching and looking for change.

Their “yes” was a willingness to take a chance.

Simon and Andrew were obviously successful fishermen. We know this because they had hired hands onboard. But success was not enough.

The real story

The story behind the story. God chose these men before the foundation of the world. Despite our thoughts, we do not choose God; He chooses us.

Jesus was compelling

Jesus had an obvious presence that left people in awe and wonder. People felt His love and peace.

Serving others is the ultimate satisfaction.

Simon and Andrew experienced shock but were ready to say yes.

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