Life Beyond Corona

Life has many blanks.

What if I get the Covid ___________ virus?

What happens if sickness takes over my _______________________?

Am I going to lose my _________________________?

Does isolation mean that I cannot go to _______________________?

There are endless thoughts with blanks running through our minds.

Thoughts with no ending place. They just keep going and going.

A blog post by Seth Godin inspired my thought.

Seth said:

Other than multiple-choice, this is one of the easiest ways to work through a test or a workday. Find the blanks, fill them in.

Here’s the question: Who decided what the blanks were? We get to write our own, any time we choose.

Life’s actually an essay, not a series of responses to someone else’s agenda.

Wow! Seth said; Find the blanks and fill them in. This is vital.

If we do not fill in the blanks, we will meditate on endless negatives.

Remember, what you answer will go away.

What you do not answer will linger in your heart and mind.

Fill in the blanks

Re-frame the negatives. There is plenty of bad news. We must re-frame mental enemies.

The “what if’s” must become “so what.”

So, what if I lose my job? I can find a better job.

So, what if I get sick? I will recover.

So, what if I have to start over? I’ve done this before.

Do you see how we can re-frame the blanks in our minds?

When we fill in the blanks, we are empowering ourselves. When we empower ourselves, we can empower others.

Who needs to be empowered right now? everyone.

Get a fresh start!

For those of you who desire a fresh start, your time is now. Some of us are afraid to start a new life. Well, this is your season.

Many people are laid off or facing several weeks off work. Can we turn this into an opportunity? Absolutely.

This is the ideal moment to:
• Start a new career
• Find a new mentor/coach
• Learn a new trade
• Start your writing/blogging career
• Start an online company
• Start a podcast/YouTube channel
• Take an online class

The possibilities are endless, and the opportunity is now.

Here are some blanks you must fill in.

If I could change careers; I would choose _______________________!

A trade I have always wanted to learn is __________________________.

My greatest passion in life is to be a _____________________________.

I have always wanted to take a class on _________________________.

Now is your time.

Fill in the blanks.

This is your life. This is your essay.

Create the narrative and the outcome you desire.

You can create your own destiny.

Take the challenge of this season.

Build the life you love.

There’s no better way to seize the day (carpe diem) than do it now.

There’s an ancient Chinese saying that goes, “the journey of a thousand steps begins with a single one.”

Your time is now.

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