The tragedy is real.

The question is not if we will face tragedy but when. When tragedy strikes, the challenge we face is how to keep from allowing tragedy and trauma to define our life.

The loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, or the genesis of disease is traumatic and challenging. Handling these difficulties with grace is no easy task.

I have witnessed many people getting stuck in these moments. Stuck in a moment of pain and confusion. Pain and loss affects us in different ways. Some get stuck there.  We witness on social media every day.

To cope – some turn to women or men. Others turn to alcohol and drugs. And still, others reach for pornography, food, or other numbing devices.

As we allow God into our wounded places, we find help and healing. We are finite beings with little or no ability to cope with the many struggles of this life. Other people can try and help, but the ultimate help will come from our Father.

God is a healer.

His grace is powerful and sufficient. The scripture encourages us to run to Him when we have a need.

Let us, therefore, come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

God says to run boldly to Him when we need grace and mercy. Often during a tragedy, many of us choose to run away from God rather than run to Him.

God can even heal us of rejecting Him.

Others feel betrayed by God. Many of us think or believe that God can stop tragedy from happening but fail to believe that He can make something great from it.

Can you believe that God can allow you to carry a terrible memory and take the pain of the memory away? This is the ultimate power of God’s grace.

Did Jesus have this grace? Yes.

Where do we see this kind of grace revealed? On the cross.

The cross was the most traumatizing event in history. Christ was able to endure this excruciating pain and yet find joy. He was also able to forgive us and move into his future as our eternal High Priest.

This means that Christ serves the people who were responsible for his death and His dying on the cross.

Can God turn tragedy into power? Absolutely. And God can also turn your tragedy into triumph.

This can happen through faith. Faith can move mountains. And some of you are surrounded by mountains of pain and trauma.

Developing belief to live beyond this pain is quintessential.

Let’s begin with a simple step. Ask God to heal you and then simply believe He can.

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