Position is everything …

I have attended many Dallas Mavericks basketball games. I am amazed at the people who stay in the concessions and merchant areas.

To experience Dallas Mavericks we must choose to go into the arena where the game is being played.

If you choose to stand in the hallway you can hear the game, but you will not experience the actual game.

There is a variety of places this happens. I often see people in venues in places like church and they stand in the hallways, hang around the bathrooms, or just wander around.

I wonder why these people to not get in a position to experience the event?

Position postures you for an experience …

I am also an avid chess player. I love the game of chess. It’s all about position. In the game of chess, every piece has a position and every move you make has implications on the game. In other words; every move is vital to the outcome. Fortunately in life, every move is not a life or death situation but some moves position you for maximum benefit.

I know God has a plan for you to receive maximum benefits.

Spiritual Position

I am a man of faith and my faith is in Christ. My faith in Christ leads me to believe that He has a big plan for my life. For more than 30 years I have learned to get in the place God has for me. This is all about position and the big picture.

It is often in a delay that we make our greatest mistakes. God’s delay is not His denial. It is in delay that we make our greatest mistakes.

God’s delay is not His denial.

The bigger picture is God has a big plan, purpose, and assignment for your life.

The Bible says that God has ordered our steps. I want to walk in the ordered steps of God.

A few suggestions to find the right position

Say Yes to God

Saying yes to God means letting go of your own life and saying yes to the life God has for you. This means connecting to God and then submit to His word and His way.

Recognize Your Calling

You have a calling from God. Entering your calling will require tough decisions. You will have to say yes to some things and no to others.  Saying yes to God means leaving the good things to get to great things.

Connect Faith and Patience!

I would like to say this is easy. It is far from that. I have made decisions that were moving me away from God’s choice. I have made rash decisions that positioned me for failure. Having faith does not mean that we void of making a wrong decision.

I once started a business by borrowing 100% of the investment. The business was God’s idea and the plan was mine. I struggled to make the payments. This created stress, anxiety, and struggle every day. This was definitely the wrong position.

There are times that God delays His answers. It is often in delay that we make our greatest mistakes. The scripture encourages us to not get weary when we are doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not drawback.

Get aligned properly

Life begins with alignment. Aligning to the purposes of God. This positions us for our assignment. Life is full of promise and

God has a flourishing promise for you and me.

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