Everyone loves gifts.

Receiving gifts is one of the original Five Love Languages. Giving of gifts has to be love language number six.

Giving and receiving gifts are a significant part of the Christmas season.

Have you searched for the top ten Christmas gifts? The search reveals a few perfect gifts for the Christmas season.

The hot items of this year include:

  • A subscription to Disney
  • StartScope (for Outdoorsman)
  • Apple Air Buds
  • Barefoot Dreams Blanket
  • Laugh and Learn Kitchen for kids
  • Pooping Flamingo (#1 toy for kids in 2020)
  • Echo Show 5 Smart Assistant
  • Dash Rapid Egg Cooker
  • Nintendo Switch
  • GoDonut

Buying great gifts is an art of its own. Here is a buying guide.

  1. A gift they want

Everyone has a gift they want. The common question is, what do you want for Christmas? Sometimes we have to go deeper and ask, “if you were to get only one gift, what would that be?”

  1. A gift they like

This is second to the gift you want. Maybe you want a new pair of boots, but you would like some Tommy John pajamas. Perhaps you would like a nice watch or a Starbucks gift card.

At Christmas, there is always a gift we would like to have.

  1. A gift that brings a surprise

Everyone loves surprises. A gift that is a surprise may be something you would never want, but you end up loving.

A gift that surprises you always makes a super Christmas.

  1. A gift with potential

People love gifts that add mystery. Lottery tickets are a great choice. Or how about a 100.00 raffle ticket to win a four-wheeler? This type of gift creates an element of adventure.

Another gift with potential is a gift that we can re-gift.

Re-gifting is huge during Christmas. Certain gifts have one of your friend’s names written all over them.

  1. A gift that is extravagant

Who doesn’t like extravagance? Well, how about a minimalist? Even minimalist like extravagant minimalism. Extravagance is not always about money. We can consider extravagant sacrifice.

A chiropractor friend heard about a little boy with spine issues, and he drove over 150 miles overnight to treat the child for no cost.

How about extravagant kindness? During a white elephant Christmas party, a young man watched as an older lady lost a cherished gift. The young man worked the game until he acquired the gift to return to the lady.

Most of us do not buy extravagant gifts for ourselves. This is why extravagant gifts are so unique.

Lavish gifts leave an indelible mark

They bring joy to both the giver and the receiver.

  1. A gift from a total stranger

Most of us know the people who give us Christmas gifts. Right? You know the drill — mom, dad, and family members exchange gifts. No biggie.

But a gift from a total stranger or acquaintance can brighten our day or blow our minds.

Give some thought to playing Santa this year to a total stranger.

It’s better to give than receive

You can always be the person who gives a random gift to a total stranger.  Their response to your kindness may be the best Christmas gift you receive all year.

Receiving gifts is fun, but giving gifts is better. If you ever run out of buying ideas, remember this humble list.

You may discover the perfect Christmas gift.

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