How the negativity of the corona virus has birthed positive side effects.

What’s important now? It’s all changed.

Number one is health and safety to all Americans and the world.

Nations face new struggles and new normal’s.

The abnormal is far greater than the normal

The hit on sports

Who could have imagined the NBA, NFL, NHL, and ALB, and March Madness would delay or cancel their seasons?

High School sports all stopped. College sports ceased. Local sporting events on hold or suspended.

Millions of events canceled. The Olympics, concerts, seminars, conferences, vacations, and world travel.

Millions of dollars lost.

Whole cities are held hostage by the Coronavirus.

All restaurants — take out orders only. All non-essential businesses are closed.

Millions lost their jobs in a few days.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs in recent weeks, an economic catastrophe many are struggling to absorb. The layoffs and furloughs across the country happened so quickly that lives were overturned in an instant.

All schools closed. Everyone is home-schooling. Even those who do not believe in it.

Most cities are under an order to shelter-in-place. Yes, this is happening.

You just can’t make this stuff up

Photo by Benjamin Sow on Unsplash

Dreams Canceled

Dreams died in a day. Broadway stars watched their debuts canceled.

Olympic athletes experience the games canceled for 12 months.

College athletes lose their life-long dream to play in the NCAA tournament.

This was supposed to be a dream college season for Sabrina Ionescu. The Oregon star had been called “the puppet master” by her mentor, Kobe Bryant; she is projected to be the top draft pick this April in the W.N.B.A. Instead, Ionescu must contend with having had the biggest stage of her career ripped away, first with the death of Bryant and then with the cancellation of the N.C.A.A. season.

Sabrina said:

“I learned to embrace the journey more, the moments more,” she said. “The hard journey. All of it. Nothing is promised. There aren’t any guarantees.

It’s bad. But it’s not all bad. And then again, like Sabrina, we can make the best of this.

An anomaly

A negative situation has actually created many positive side effects for humanity.

Have we chased the wrong dreams for the last 50 years?

We are face to face with ourselves and our own journey

Everything is changing. Most of us are no longer rushing to the car with no breakfast as we taxi the kids to school.

We have spent years rushing through mornings. Demand rules, right?

That’s changed for many.

Dad’s now prepare breakfast for the kids and watch morning TV shows. That’s never happened before. And never would have happened without the crisis.

A shift for families

Trampoline jumps, board games, and connecting on facetime are real-time actions. Moms and Dads worry about life and anxiety attacks lure. But we carry on.

We smile because it’s less painful. Yes, things are sadly different, but the changes are beneficial.

Dads realize they missed entire seasons of their kid’s lives.

We are waking up to what’s most important, and it’s not Bobby’s select baseball team

In years past, parents have chased the wrong dreams. Others now realize to climb the ladder of success is secondary to what’s vital.

Get Creative

Normal is no more. No work to report to. No sports to watch. No movies to attend. No friends around.

All the busy stuff is under wraps

It’s a season of challenge and opportunity. The challenges are obvious. The opportunities are hard to grasp with our minds filled with what’s wrong.

It’s easy to throw in the towel, bow down to pressure, drink wine, and become a couch potato.

Don’t do it. Press on.

Get creative.

  • do stuff you’ve never done
  • do the kids’ stuff often
  • sleep late
  • eat breakfast in bed
  • watch morning cartoons
  • stay up all night
  • take a cooking class
  • get your gun license online
  • have lots of sex
  • call your mother
  • read a book
  • take a writing course
  • spring clean everything
  • have fun
  • be crazy
  • binge movies with family
  • sleep with the kids
  • let the kids sleep with you
  • serve your neighbors
  • volunteer at an essential business

This is our opportunity to change and to make permanent changes.

We must answer the question; What’s most important? My job or my family? Concerts or croquet with the kids? And yes, it could be both.

Success is good

There is nothing wrong with success, wealth, and a great career. As long as it does not own or control you.

It’s time for a new beginning.

Every ending is a new beginning.

Some things need to end. This is our chance to get it right. We can find a fresh perspective and make great choices.

Although it’s hard, we are fortunate to experience this season.

But the more we appreciate it, and learn from it, the better we become.

We get one chance to get this right, let’s not blow it.

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