We never know what can happen on any given day. This day blew us away.

Our family began a 550-mile road trip to spend time with my dad. He was experiencing major surgery for colon and liver cancer. In driving the state of Missouri, we discovered a prominent restaurant and stopped for lunch.

We entered the restaurant and a pleasant lady named Marcia (changed name) was our waitress. Marcia was a mature, elegant lady with a vivacious personality. Marcia requested our names and the reason we were traveling.

We shared the details of my dad’s impending surgery and our destination. Marcia scooted off and mentioned she would return in a few minutes.  What happened next was mind-boggling.

Marcia returns to our table with a generous portion of select appetizers.

We were blown away!

Then Marcia does another unpredictable thing. She says; may I pray over the food and your dad? We welcomed the prayer. The prayer was perfect, but the compassion was strikingly unusual. We had just met Marcia 10 minutes ago.

Marcia took our drink and lunch order. The food arrives at a reasonable time and the lunch was excellent. This was the kind of food that southerners cherish. The restaurant is best recognized for succulent rolls and a family environment. They serve the rolls with flair and style — they throw them at you. It’s fun to catch a hot roll and to watch others struggle to catch them

Another surprise for our family.

When we went to pay the check (with free appetizers), the kitchen staff carries out 12 complimentary cinnamon rolls (60.00 in value). We were super surprised!  These were not just any cinnamon rolls. These were cinnamon rolls that Grandma would claim as hers.

How could a cinnamon roll mean so much?

Marcia had singled us out and caused us to feel so significant.

Marcia is just the kind of person you read about in blogs. The person who creates memories for others and makes everyone around them better. The lunch was remarkable; the restaurant a novelty; the service was off the chain, but the waitress stole the day. Marcia is a picture of how God can utilize us in common everyday ways.

We saw Marcia on three separate occasions. Each time we encountered Marcia, she was full of life, generous, and compassionate.

Serving others doesn’t seem important, but God calls it greatness.

With the reputation of the restaurant, we were confident our lunch would be top-shelf. We also realized the stop was worth the visit, but we never dreamed the waitress would be the difference.

Marcia is a great reminder that it just takes one of us to make a difference. As she served us, she encouraged our family more than she knew. Marcia reminded us that the greatest among us is the servant of all.

As we pass through life, we must remind ourselves to be unforgotten we must do something unforgettable.

That’s just what Marcia did for US!

Thank you for reading this post. I don’t take your time for granted. Should you so desire, you can check out more of my writings on Medium. Best wishes, Thomas

A part of this post was originally published at Medium.

The original title was How a Common Day Turned Uncommon.

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