The organized church is experiencing a mass exodus of regular attenders. Are people losing faith or just dumping the church?
We aren’t sure.

Is the church becoming obsolete?

We won’t see that. The church will forever be an absolute for the world. Can we skip attending church services and still love Jesus? Yes.

However, the scripture commands us to gather in His name. Now what do we do?

Church expert, Carey Nieuwhof says; “I have to remind myself that mostly, my desire to skip, pull away and do my own thing on my schedule isn’t solitude, it’s isolation. And while solitude is a gift from God, isolation is a tool of the enemy. And there’s no faster way to render a community ineffective than to isolate its members.”

One reason we stay away from church is because we want the church to be perfect.

The church is not perfect

And neither are we. This means; we fit in. Yes, the church has problems because people lead churches. Problems are everywhere. But, problems are not welcomed at God’s house.

Why do we expect no problems around the church? Problem people are involved in all sorts of public activity.

People with problems connect with others and find companions. Dating sites connect troubled people. These sites connect people together and help them find life long mates.

Churches connect people

We must give the church as much credit for connecting people as we do dating sites. Right?

However, the church receives very little respect for the merit they bring our communities. When we expect perfect people and a perfect place, anything less is disappointing.

The church of the 21st century church is a point of contention in a variety of topics. Money being one. Money is a major contention for Christians. We often hear this; the church is all about money. Is McDonald’s, Best Buy, and Amazon money-focused? For sure.

Does McDonald’s, Best Buy, or Amazon love you? 

I don’t think so. If they love you, it’s because they want your cash. Do you see churches with billboards offering big sale items? I don’t think so. Amazon, McDonalds, and Facebook are trying to sell you something. Right?

Do we get mad at them? No. Most churches are not selling anything. Are they?

Most churches are giving away stuff. Things like free counseling, free courses, free training, and sometimes, even money.

Churches and money

Pastors love people with money and people without money. Most Pastors are not in ministry for money. They are in ministry to love and serve people.

Consider the thousands of Pastors with no staff, budget, or amenities. They serve God and sacrifice their lives for others. Many Pastors receive little or no salary.

We never hear the stories of the sacrificial Pastor. We hear stories about overpaid Pastors and the Pastors that wear extravagant tennishoes.

Metro Voice reported; Across the nation some pastors are wearing sneakers costing in excess of $4000. Now, a sharp-eyed Instagram user has spotted them and launched a new account questioning the wisdom of flashing wealth. One Instagram account posted 28 photos of various ministers. In less than three weeks the site gained over 123,000 followers.

Do we really care? I think we do.

Churches need money like all organizations. The church is one place we can attend with no entry fee. That’s amazing all by itself. It’s free.

The best churches use their money to reach people. People are being reached.

Regardless of what others say, the church is reaching and connecting people.

People are finding:

  • Christ
  • hope
  • mentors
  • teaching
  • training
  • advisors
  • personal assistance
  • friends
  • connection
  • counselors
The suicide hotline has value because of the lives they save. If the church saves a life from suicide, should it not have equal respect? Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Let’s not minimize the value of the church because of a few fault-finders and criticizers.

Does everyone enjoy the same restaurant? No. The restaurant that is not perfect for some is amazing for others. A church that is not great for some is life-changing for others.

Despite the cynics; the church is not going away

Jesus built the church on His Word. His Word remains forever.

The church is an absolute, and will never be obsolete.


Thank you for reading this post. I don’t take your time for granted. You can check out more of my writing on Medium. 

Best wishes, Thomas

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