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My Best Work at Generosity won’t make you wealthy, but here is why it’s important. #MeToo Era, and the Reason Why Women Should be Free to Preach. Why Growth is Better than Staying the Same. Not...

Feelings, Identity and the Scripture

I realized.... I could never live the scriptures without knowing them. I also learned that God’s word was the highest truth! A false identity can never bring me freedom! I should never allow my feelings to define who I was. My feelings followed my thoughts and what I...

How to Respond to Tragedy and Trauma

Tragedy is a reality. The question is not if we will face tragedy but when. When tragedy strikes, the challenge we all face is how to keep from allowing tragedy and trauma to define our life.

The loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, or the genesis of disease is undoubtedly traumatic and challenging. Handling these difficulties with grace is undoubtedly no easy task.

I have witnessed many people getting stuck in these moments. Stuck in a moment of pain and confusion. Over time, and often without realizing it,

The Unbelievable Benefits of Serving Others

Most people are generally in search of great experiences and daily expect positive things to happen in their lives. Some of us are looking for miraculous things to occur. And still, others may be looking for something spectacular. We often search for the spectacular...

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