If we ever need clarity, it’s now.


What was once clear is now muddy and often confusing and chaotic. Every day we receive conflicting news and information.

Normal life is hard enough. Then we add COVID-19, variants, the great resignation, staff crisis, and more. It’s a load.

Leaders are running for help and for hope.

Many leaders have one question in mind:


How are other leaders responding to today’s chaotic struggles?


We recorded this podcast to give leaders some solid answers.

Jenni Catron is an accomplished leader with a proven track record.



In this podcast Jenni shares:

  • Her definition of leadership.
  • How a lack of clarity will always lead to an erosion of culture.
  • How clarity is paramount in a healthy team culture.
  • How leading with your heart requires the element of the relationship.
  • Churches have focused too much on the crowd and not enough on the core.
  • How leadership affects others, we must make sure we steward our leadership with a sacred responsibility.
  • Investing in your team development is more important than pleasing a crowd.

Dive in with us TODAY and learn key principles to developing a healthy staff culture.

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