It is no surprise our nation is facing severe challenges.

Our nation needs prayer and so does our President. we are facing unprecedented challenges.

Those challenges include COVID-19, hurricane destruction, Afghanistan, and more.  Our nation is desperate for hope. Our government leaders are overwhelmed. If ever there was a time for the church to pray, it is now.

President Biden needs our prayers and support. Here is a prophecy the Lord dropped in my spirit a few days ago.

I was in my prayer room on Sunday, September 5th. It was 6:25 am. The encounter that morning was soft and subtle. I was not overpowered or alarmed.

Suddenly, I hear these words, and I knew this was the Lord. And for full disclosure, I have never published a prophetic word concerning any President.

Here is what I heard from the Lord.

“I am about to change the heart of this President. President Biden will come to a place of humility and humbling. I am preparing prophets to speak my message in his hearing. These prophets are not known as prophets in a ministry sense. But they are my messengers. They know me, and they know I am sending them. The President will not be aware that these messengers are my people. But He will come to realize the message was from God.”

The Lord says, “His heart is in my hand, and I will give him ears to hear and a heart to understand. I will bring truth encounters to the President that will remind him of his relationship with ME.”

Then the Lord revealed this. The world will see the shift. Many will know that something has happened. The President’s family will be pleased; his party will see the change and challenge his decisions. Many in his party will reject him.

The difference in President Biden will be gradual, and the world will see glimpses from the former seasons of his life. His heart will become centered. He will find the middle and work to improve the incivility and division of our county.

Corruption in him and his administration will be exposed and excused.

The Lord said, “My messengers are in place, and this will manifest in a new season.”

I know this word comes with controversy. But can we not agree that President Biden needs our prayers?

Can we agree the fervent prayers from God’s people are the door to miracles?

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. (II Chronicles 7:14, NKJV)

My hope from this article is that thousands of prayer warriors will bombard heaven for this President and our nation and that you will pray for the very words from this prophecy to come to pass.

Can I count on you?

Here are the prayers I would love for you to consider.

Let’s pray this …

-First, pray the prayers that the Holy Spirit reveals to you.

-For those who have a message from God we declare a wide-open door to the President.

-Prepare the hearts of the messengers you are sending to speak to our President.

-Open the eyes of Joe Biden to see, hear, and comprehend God’s ways.

-Father, Prepare the President’s heart for what is coming.

-We declare that every God-ordered assignment will manifest.

-God order the open doors for the prophets, advisors, and those who are sent to speak to the President.

-We block every plan the enemy has to stop the will of God over President Joe Biden/Kamala Harris and this administration.

-Give President Biden the courage to stand up for the right thing and to stand up to his party.

Yes, this would be an absolute miracle.  As believers, we pray for miracles regularly.  God has placed a burden in my heart to pray this through.

I pray you will:

-Join me in fervent prayer

-Set a phone reminder every evening to pray for the President at 7:14 pm. I will be there!

I will be writing on prayer over the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading.  Have you subscribed to this blog?

I invite you to join this family.




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