The single most important discovery of your life is your dream.

A recent study surveyed 2,000 adults about how their current roles in the workplace.

They compared their current work to their childhood dreams

The study found that 78.06 percent of adults don’t end up following through on the career path of their six-year-old imaginations.

So my question is; what happens between the ages of six and sixteen? It is obvious the teen years are where disappointments are exposed.

Disappointments steal the desire to dream.

The story is told of a young boy who wrote out his dream. He writes a dream of owning a 200-acre horse farm and training and breeding high-level stock. He fluently describes the stable, the land, the employees, the large house, his wife, and kids.

The teacher returns the paper with a large red F. She says: I gave you an F because this is unrealistic. You are poor and possess no ability to accomplish this dream. Then she says: redo the paper, and I will redo the grade.

Two weeks later, the young boy turns in the same dream with the red F at the top of the page. The student tells the teacher:

You keep your grade, and I’ll keep my dream. He now lives on a 200 plus acre farm and hanging above his fireplace is framed paper from his grade school days — the paper has a big RED F at the top of the page.

Bear Bryant said; there is a lot of blood, sweat, and guts before dreams and success. How true that is.

Have you ever noticed the people we admire are those who have overcome significant challenges? It is the power of a dream that provides the passion and perseverance to overcome difficult circumstances. As we read the scripture, we see that God invites (or we could say drafted) people to participate with Him by offering them a fresh dream.

When God invites us to journey with Him, get ready for change.

Abraham was chosen

God chose Abraham to be the Father of Faith. He shows Abraham the stars and declares he will be the father of many nations. What a dream!

And there is Moses. God draws Moses to a burning bush and asks him to go and impart a dream of freedom to a group of slaves in Egypt. No easy task!

He instructs a man named Noah to build an ark when the rain had never fallen from the sky. Faith required.

Abraham, Moses and Noah were each given a big dream. Their lives were invaded by God. And God offered them a chance to partner with Him. The opportunity to partner with God is magnanimous and challenging.

A dream comes with a cost. Can you imagine the struggle? There are countless thieves planning to steal our dreams.

Watch out for these:

Pursuing your dream is demanding. Doubt is one of the first enemies we must face. We often doubt ourselves. We also struggle to believe that God will finish what He started.

The best advice — doubt your doubt.

Delay is deadly

Delay is the tool that God uses to drive the dream deeper into our hearts. Delays are the proving ground of whether the dream is real.

Waiting establishes trust. The scripture tells us to not grow weary.

Keep Dreaming. Because you rarely receive more, than you dream for!

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