Someone said, “nothing happens until you dream,” and I believe it!  Have you ever noticed that many of the people we admire are those that have overcome significant challenges?

God often allows challenges to build perseverance and unlock our dreams.  We must learn to dream beyond where we are.  We must see where it is we desire to be!

Dreams begin with God.

As we read the scripture, we see that God often invited people to participate with him by offering them a new life, a new dream. Every person that God engaged in this way He challenged, empowered, and inspired them with a dream.

  • Abraham was shown the stars and asked to follow God to the promised land.
  • Moses was drawn to a burning bush and asked to set a nation free from generations of slavery.
  • Noah was challenged to build an Ark when the rain had never fallen from the sky.

As we can see in the examples above, dreams shift perspective, demand action, and calculate our future.  I am sure that Abraham, Moses, and Noah all struggled with the changes that were required to chase the dreams that God chose for them.

I am also sure they struggled in believing they were capable of accomplishing such overwhelming challenges.   In these moments of introspection, some thieves show up in us and around us in order to steal our God-given dreams.

These are a few common thieves:

1. Doubt

Pursuing your dream is demanding. Jesus told us to count the cost. The children of Israel faced multiple problems in route to claiming God’s promises. Enemies often surround God’s promises to steal the dream and to belittle our God.

When enemies show up, doubt shows out.

2. Disruption

Many of God’s servants were disrupted in the pursuit of what God had promised. The children of Israel were disrupted on several fronts.  Things such as kings denying permission to cross their territory and the lack of simple provisions such as water. These are the challenges we must endure. The enemy often uses these kinds of disruptions to interrupt the timing of God intended purpose. When disruption occurs, we must operate in faith and patience.

3. Delay

Delay is often the tool that God uses to drive the dream deeper and stronger. There are many promises from the Lord about seasons of delay. Primarily, the Lord promises both to always be with us and to renew our strength. Delays are often the proving ground before the dream is realized.  It is in the time of waiting that our trust in the Lord is established.

Delay always creates cycles. Life occurs in seasons and cycles. Always remember, in the season of delay don’t grow weary, you will win, if you don’t quit.

Why Keep Dreaming?

Because you rarely receive more, than you dream for!


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