In the times we live change comes often, and we also face it head on at the turn of a New Year. One battle that looms over us is the struggle to maintain our New Year passion.

A New Year allots all of us with an equal opportunity. That opportunity includes the challenge of bringing about personal change over the next 12 months. This means each of has 8,765 hours to change our lives.

If you were to ask you if you could change your life in 8,765 hours, most of you would say yes. But as we look back over the last year, we find that only a few of us actually enjoyed the changes we seek to bring to pass.

We know to experience change we must change our activities and our adjust our time. Time is hard to grasp, almost a mystery. In looking ahead, it seems we have plenty of time to accomplish our dreams and desires.

But when we are looking backwards, we are amazed at how time escapes us. To experience the change that we seek, we must learn to make time work for us.

Let’s think a little deeper about what time is. Time is the measure of all of our experiences. For instance, after returning from a family outing or an event we say, “We had a great time.” If we did not enjoy ourselves, we say, “We had a terrible time.” You see, time is one of the ways we measure our experiences.

The experiences you have are determined by how you choose to invest your time!

The experiences you have are determined by how you choose to invest your time! Click To Tweet


We have been taught that a key to a successful life is time management. While time management is critical, a higher key is life management. If you learn to manage your life, your time becomes a slave to your life management.

It is true that the person who cannot manage their life will never get beyond where they are.

Let’s say; you get out of bed late every day. If that is the case, you will become a slave to your own lack of discipline and the mismanagement of your time.

This simple failure flows over into all areas of your life and personal growth. This type of lack will negatively affect all areas of personal development. If we fail to manage ourselves on this level, time will control and govern us.

If you fail to manage yourself, time will manage you. Never allow seasons to rule your life. Click To Tweet

The alternative is that once we learn to manage our life, then time becomes our slave and even a friend.

Positive life management opens the door for personal development, spiritual growth, and the ability to maximise our potential. Only because we learned that life management is far more important than time management.

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